Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Brush Your Teeth

I had my first junk food craving and it was FIERCE. I was hard core craving licorice this weekend. It could have been any kind of licorice, Twizzlers even. Black, Red, Panda Brand, or Cheapo Junk- anything. Since we don't really eat junk food or sweets and I couldn't convince my health-freak husband to buy some for me a few blocks over at Target, I remembered I had a bunch of left over Halloween candy that I didn't hand out last year that I was saving for this year's trick or treaters. The closest thing I had in that stash was Dots. So I ate one small box of them, and it was not even close to what I was hoping for, and they just stuck to my teeth which lead to me obsessively flossing.

That's the other thing, I'm really into oral hygiene right now. Like if there were happy hours for tooth-brushing and tooth-picking I'd be there. Though that sounds kind of gross to do socially, but I could care less. This is what has momentarily replaced my love of pinot noir. I've always loved the dentist (again shout out to Colleen! the only other person I've known to love going as much as I do, BFF forevs forevs!), and since I started my new job I no longer have dental coverage, so I've been taking extra good care of my teeth. What I learned though is that when you are pregnant your gums are highly susceptible to bleeding. So weird. And its true. I never have had a problem with bloody gums, but I've noticed pink spit a few times after brushing my teeth (not just after eating pink dots).

I love flossing, and I love these little rubbery tooth picks I got at Costco that even came with a cute little travel case that I keep in my purse. They are sort of an addiction, but it feels so good to keep my teeth and gums clean. I also think that anyone without a sonicare toothbrush is missing out big time. We had the oral b before the sonicare diamond clean we have now, and there is no comparison. Seriously I'm sort of obsessed. Perhaps because I'm using licorice toothpaste.


  1. It's the hormones. They make you more susceptible to peritonitis (inflammation of the gums). Hormonal birth control methods do the same thing. I finally got off the pill and my gum disease cleared up!

    Ps. I like going to the dentist too.

  2. It's the weirdest thing! I had no idea. I also didn't know that fetus's grow full body fur/hair in the womb, that they (usually) shed while still inside their mama. So strange and cool! Yay fun at the dentist's club!