Friday, April 19, 2013

Riding the Waves of the NauSEA

I threw up yesterday. So apparently not done with the morning/all day sickness. At least I have an appetite again, as the nausea isn't as bad when you have more food in your stomach. Luckily most of the food aversions are gone, which also helps with this, but here are my tricks to fight off the constant urge to purge (especially since I'm still working my usual 45-50 hour work weeks, with an hour commute before and after).

  1. Keep water crackers in your night stand drawer Eat 3-4 crackers before moving your head to a vertical position- while still on your side on your pillow. Sitting up too quickly will make you vomit. 
  2. Don't brush your teeth first thing like you usually do, because you will just have to start all over most likely in about 10 minutes after coughing up bile. 
  3. Don't take your vitamins until after breakfast. If you don't eat breakfast normally, now is the time to start forcing yourself to.
  4. Don't use peppermint toothpaste (it makes me nauseated). Buy natural, fennel or licorice toothpaste from the health food store, and brush your teeth after eating something.
  5. DO NOT chug water or any liquids. There is plenty of time in the day to drink excessive amounts of water, and this is NOT the time to do it if you want to keep them from 'projectiling' back out of your body. 
  6. Make yourself food for about 4 people. eat all of it, then take your vitamins with a small amount of freezing cold water.
  7. If you are feeling queasy turn on fans for air circulation, sit down, take slow breaths, and hold your breath for a while too.
  1. Keep cold water by you at all times. If you have a work fridge keep a second water bottle in there that's cold and rotate them out if you have to. 
  2. Keep a desk fan going. Keeping the air circulating helps keep the nausea at bay.
  3. Open office windows by your desk if you can- the more fresh air the better.
  4. Stand up, walk around, and go outside for short breaks. 
  5. If your eyes are bothering you, or you are getting headaches, get your eyes examined. Your sight can change with pregnancy and if you are staring at a computer all day and have headaches, that will irritate and cause more nausea.
  6. Take deep, slow breaths.
  7. Drink Licorice tea *Peppermint tea I over-used with my nausea symptoms to the point that I can now only associate it with nausea. 
  8. Keep fresh fruit and nuts around to snack on. Also keep snack bars in your purse or car for your commute to work, and home from work.
  1. Sleep as much as possible. 
  2. Eat as much as possible.
  3. Drink lots of freezing cold water.
  4. Do not get sun-burnt.
  1. Eat whatever you can. Avoid sugar, and anything that you are having aversions from. Eat what sounds good. If that means 3 baskets of strawberries, eat 3 damn baskets of strawberries!
  2. Be lazy, relax, try to nap, and not over-do it. Don't feel guilty, your body is working very hard on the inside.
  3. Eat anything you can right before bed. 

Update: What also helps me:
  • as much love and cuddle time as possible! Cats, dogs, husband, its all good. 
  • NOT talking about nausea - get your mind onto something else- anything else
  • avoid electronic screens (put away ipads, iphones, get away from all computers as much as possible, turn off the tv).
  • Again, lots of puppy and kitten snuggle time! 

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