Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tattoos, Belly Laughs, and Weird TV

So I've had a lot of strange dreams since I've been pregnant, but none of my dreams have really had anything to do with babies or childbirth until last night. Last night I dreamed that I was in labor, and when the baby came out, she had a tattoo on her stomach that said, "FEMALE." She also had a little curly-q mustache. This still makes me unsure if we're having a boy or a girl, even though everyone else seems to think that we are having a girl.

Speaking of tattoos, its really disappointing to not be able to get more ink when you are (by that I mean when I am) pregnant. I feel like my half sleeve isn't done yet, and being the perfectionist I am, I can't bare to think that I have to wait another year+ to complete it. Again, so much waiting haha. Rough life, huh?

As per a recommendation of one of my Austin buddies I met through the vegan community, I bought Jenny McCarthy's, Belly Laughs and read it yesterday on my kindle in about an hour. Its a quick read, and really effing hilarious. Even though her stance on pregnancy and child birth is the extreme opposite of my own, it was a fun read. She only ate junk food aside from, "one apple" the whole time she was pregnant because "health" food made her nauseated. She didn't want to feel anything during the birth and got the full epidural so she was numb from the waist down. She didn't believe in breast-feeding and so she didn't do it. All completely the opposite of how I feel, but I could still relate to her book on a lot of levels, and regardless it was really fun to read her experiences, how she dealt with her symptoms and worked her relationship with her husband during it all.

It really makes me want to express how much I respect everyone's choice to have their babies in their own ways. I mean for me? I would never do the things that she did- but that's because I'm not her. Her choices are what worked for her, not me. Even though I am strongly opposed to not breast feeding your baby, and don't understand why any mother wouldn't breast feed, doesn't mean that I'm any better because I choose to do it. I don't have to understand other people's choices, but as I've learned as being a vegan surrounded by a carnivorous world, people may do things I completely do not understand and would never do myself - but generally I can still relate to others on some level regardless of how different they are from me. Being as open minded as I can be, I feel like I tend to learn more and grow my own beliefs even stronger- hopefully in the process, perhaps I can help others open up their own views a little more by not just interacting with people who are all, "just like me." Where's the challenge and gain in that?

So because I abnormally wake up at 7am every morning- even on the weekends, while my whole house stays in bed till 11 or 12 (this isn't a pregnancy thing, its just me)- I get bored sometimes. I've worked on beading projects, tried to write more, read more, croquet, and do chores around the house but lately with my drop in energy and feeling tired all the time (even though I still don't know how to sleep in) I've started watching TV in the hours before everyone wakes up.

Today I watched about 5 or 6 episodes of, "I didn't know I was pregnant." Watching this show I assumed it would be full of overweight women who didn't care anything about their health and were so out of touch with their bodies that they didn't know. But surprisingly, a lot of the women were average sized, and most of them didn't experience strong cravings, nausea (ugh bitches haha), or put on more than a little weight. So weird to me. How can you NOT know?! Immediately I knew, because my boobs hurt and got huge, so we bought a test before my period was even supposed to happen and BAM. Positive test. All the heaving, back aches, lack of energy, and my belly growing like crazy even though I'm primarily eating fruits and veggies. Not to mention NOT having a period! Some of the ladies say that their periods were so irregular they didn't think much of it, or they had spotting which they thought was their regular period. But man, so odd to me. In a way it makes me kind of envious though too, how nice would it be to just skip to the end, and BAM here's your baby! 9 months of pregnancy condensed into a couple hours. TV is weird.

Anyway, here's some photos of me at 17 weeks <3

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