Saturday, April 13, 2013

Elastic Waistbands

Today I finally picked up some maternity clothes. My stretch jeans are no longer cutting it- or rather they are cutting too much into my lil round belly. Its amazing how much more comfortable I am in clothes that fit haha, and stretch. I picked up a nice pair of jeans for work, jean shorts, a couple maxi skirts (also can wear to work), some leggins, and a cute mini dress. The rest I will pick up at Buffalo exchange or Good Will. Luckily the whole, loose-flowy hippy look is in style so I shouldn't have any trouble finding some cute tops, and some more maxi and mini dresses that are stretch and will accomodate a big baby bump- and that I can wear after giving birth too.

I also ordered some day cream, and night oil online for my belly, but I'm still waiting for it to arrive. All natural and vegan of course. Can't wait to try them out. So I've been queasy still, but its slowly fading. I just have to stay ahead of it by keeping crackers in my night stand and eating them first thing when I wake up to put something in my stomach to settle it a bit. I also bought some Licorice tea which really has helped, as the peppermint tea that I was relying on when I was the most queasy I can now only associate with being queasy. HA. The licorice one helps a lot.

I'm hungry all the time and eat so much. We used to take trips to the grocery store every other week, and now its a weekly/bi-weekly necessity as I eat everything we buy almost immediately. My favorite treat lately are these really yummy strawberry lemonade popcycles from Whole Foods. I could honestly eat a whole box in one sitting.

The only non-vegan food craving I've had so far is for strong cheeses (brie, gouda, dry jack, extra sharp cheddar, asiago, and fresh parmesan). I've taken that as a sign to get more fats, nuts, calcium, oils, and salt. I made a really delicious creamy pesto the other night over whole wheat linguini with walnuts, pine nuts, EVOO, nutritional yeast, soyrizo, Daiya, braggs, and fresh basil, parsley, and cracked pepper. It was so rich and really satisfied my hunger.

I think its interesting how people tell me to stop being vegan and just eat cheese if I have a craving like that. Its like, well I also really crave a super cold beer and a bottle of wine- but I'm not going to drink through my pregnancy haha. I do believe that my body knows what it wants, but I also know that there is tons of nutrition in vegan foods, as my blood work has confirmed (I've had my bloodwork done twice since I've been pregnant- all with excellent results). I've always been very aware of my nutrition, and am even more so. No one needs to worry, I am probably eating better than most mothers, especially ones that drive through taco bell and mcdonald's. What's also kind of interesting, and that I just remembered recently, is that Jason's mom was vegan all throughout her pregnancy with Jason. And he's turned out all right :)

I'm also learning that as my mom and a few of my close friends who are parents have told me, is that when you're pregnant EVERYONE wants to give you advice- rather, they want to TALK AT YOU with their experiences haha. Its understandable. To go through motherhood, there is a lot of emotion, body, blood, love, experience, and time involved. And I don't mind listening, some of what I've heard has been really interesting, some of it helpful, however a lot of what I hear doesn't really have anything to do with me- its more a chance for other people to talk about themselves. I know what is best for me and my body, my baby, and how I want to raise my child - because that's just it, this is MY child. I am definitely learning as I go, and take all of the advise with a grain of salt, and choose what works for me, for us. Its just funny, because when I imagine myself changing places and offering my own advice if the roles were reversed, I would never try to force my vegan lifestyle on other mothers, or tell them to change their lives and morals when they are carrying their baby because its how I feel, and how I live. I mean I am a total advocate for veganism, vegan pregnancy, vegan nutrition, and vegan babies, as my doctor, and midwives also support my path and agree I'm 100% healthy and better off than lots of other non vegans. I really feel so strongly about this life choice that I've made, but what's awesome is that I have that choice to make- as I think everyone should have the choice to live the way they feel is best for them.

Its a good exercise in patience to just let people go through their stories, and take it as an initiation to a membership of a club that I'm happy to be a part of. One thing though, for anyone out there reading, as a new mama, the best thing that I have heard anyone say to me came from my best friend. She has been the only one who has asked me questions that were truly focused on me and my experience. With genuine curiosity and concern for my wellbeing. She was truly interested in what I am going through, which aside from of course my mom, dad, and sister, no one else really has made me feel that way. I suppose that kind of care and interest can only be found in a true BFF. Thanks for that, I miss you Colleen! xoxoxo

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