Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Deep Breaths, Relax

So I found out that I CAN take baths and go in hot tubs, but I should not go into any water that is over 100 degrees. My midwife said this is because my veins right now our majorly expanded, rushing all the new red blood cells and other nutrients to building a new little person. If I get into too hot of water, than I can expand my veins even MORE which will make me pass out/ feel faint. Not good.

The same idea goes towards sun bathing. But most of all, she said that do what feels best. I may find that like I used to lay in the sun might not be comfortable anymore when my body's changing. But if it feels okay, then I'm okay. (Makes so much sense).

Also all the midwives I've spoken to hate, "What to Expect When you Expecting." Haha. I think that's really funny, as its the book I read first, and the one that everyone tells you to read. But their idea is that it focuses a lot on the negative, and what could go wrong, rather than focusing on the positive and what's good *rather than the worst case scenarios. Which I understand. I will say that I did learn a few things from it, but I agree too.

I will say, that though I'm excited, and feel like I'm preparing the best I can, I know that I can't plan it all out. I can know what I want to happen, how I want it to happen, and who is there with me, but nature is a wild beast and will do what she pleases. I need to let go of the idea of planning ahead (at least to the extreme that I'm accustomed to), and be open to whatever may come.

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