Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pep in my Step

So, I thought that the second trimester is supposed to be the carefree fun stage! Still vomiting in the morning, and still tired, and have food aversions (though less aversions than I did before - I do have somewhat of an appetite again thank goddess and goodness), though it still feels like eating is a chore, and a personal challenge to consume as much as possible even if its force feeding myself. Ugh, so much nausea! Baby is really having a party in there, must be listening to a lot of A.W.K. "Hey Mom! Party till you PUKE!" I hope at least (s)he is having fun. I have a lil riot girl in my tummy (or boy?!) I'm so counting down to May 14th when we can find out the gender, and though I've already started our registry (on, and added some cute lil clothing pieces for boy or girl (a tuxedo bib!, and fake skater shoes - socks! - I DIE omg, so cute)... I want to focus more of my mind on mining for the perfect name gems and work on the name combos. Do we hyphenate? Make a middle name out of one last name? Make up a new last name for all of us? Ha. Decisions... decisions... can't I just skip to the end and hold my baby in my arms now please?

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