Monday, April 1, 2013

Protein for Vegan Mamas to Be and Baby

I don't think its just because I'm vegan (or maybe it is), but I've already had several people remind me to be eating lots of protein. Just to share where you can get your cruelty-free, animal-free, vegan protein that is 100% guaranteed to properly feed and and help my new little baby grow this is what I'm eating a lot of:

  • beans/legumes
  • nuts
  • whole wheat
  • whole grains
  • Tofu
  • Vegan "meats" such as wheat sausage, seitan, tempe, soyrizo etc...
  • Quinoa
  • brown rice
and of course TONS and TONS of Kale, leafy greens, and fresh raw fruits and veggies (Avocado included). Did you know that Kale has more protein per calorie than any of the things I mentioned above? Kale RULES!

I read a book called, The Everything Vegan Pregnancy Book, which basically told me a lot of nutritional stuff that I already knew, but lists TONS of amazing, healthy, recipes in the back tailored for mamas to be. I'm excited to get crackin' on her list!

Vegan Baby Power!

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