Friday, April 26, 2013

Patience and Patients.

Two things on my mind today: 1. Exercising being patient. and 2. Being considered a Patient.

Recently my mom told me, "You look so beautiful and happy with your belly right now- but I can't wait for you to be so big and miserable you just want that baby out of you! And that will only be 7 months, and then you will have to wait 2 more! Haha." Thanks Mom. Being big through a Texas Summer is going to be interesting, but right now that sounds better than nausea.

The truth is, I already want so bad to hold the baby. There is so much waiting involved in pregnancy and I'm probably one of the most patient people I know. We still have to wait a few more weeks to find out the gender, which has been the longest wait of my life (it feels that way). It feels like I scheduled that appointment months ago and we're still waiting. Ugh. Haha.

I understand that everyone says once they are born they just grow up so quick. I can relate with how quickly our puppy grew up, he was small(ish) for barely any time and before we knew it his puppy days were long gone. So I'm trying not to rush time- also because it doesn't work. Just have to go with the flow and appreciate every moment good and bad for what its worth. There is also so much that we still need to do before the baby comes- especially since we're out here all alone with no family around to help us out, that I keep reminding myself that all this extra time we should really be grateful for. I still am sick of waiting though haha.

The other thing I've been thinking about is hospitals. So many women CHOOSE to go the hospital route with birthing their babies (I'm not talking about women who had to deliver in a hospital for health issues, or complications that led to that), but that having a baby in a hospital is appealing to some women. They choose the hospital birth. Its so odd to me. There is nothing wrong with us when we are pregnant. We are not sick, (ha funny I should be saying that with all the barfing I've been doing). Having a baby isn't an illness, its a natural course of life that to me should have the women's body leading the way and not drugs, or clocks, or knives, or unnatural body positions.

There are bills in Texas (and other areas) that are trying to stop funding for Texas Birth Centers and its ridiculous. Birthing Centers with midwives, and doulas, are totally normal, totally common in England- because it makes sense to have someone trained in child birthing, not dissecting cadavers deliver new babies.  Doctor-doctors also just freak me out, I sort of feel like they are all sociopaths (no offense to any friends that may be doctors! haha). I just feel like its another right that woman should stand up for and protect, that our bodies are not our enemies, that we love the skin we're in and trust it to know what to do without shooting up toxins and paying MDs to "cure" us of our babies. If you don't really know much about birthing centers, and are thinking about having babies, I would recommend you educate yourself about the benefits of opting for a non-hospital birth (if at all possible) because the benefits are countless. After watching, "The Business of Being Born," maybe some "hospital mamas" will change their minds.

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