Friday, March 1, 2013

Shark Tooth

I've been told a few things about my cervix over the course of my adult years of regular OBGYN visits.
  1. I've been told that, "Everyone else has one right side up. YOURS is upside down." And,
  2. I've been told that, "Everyone else has a cervix that looks like a doughnut, YOURS looks like a SHARK."
A shark. So regardless of my maternal instincts being more finely tuned towards the animals kingdom (including SHARKS), I guess I thought that my lady parts just might not work for making babies (can only make SHARKS). Because apparently all other women have candies and sweets awaiting swimming children in their bellies, whereas I have upside-down JAWS.

Here's hoping my little pumpkin doesn't come out with shark teeth, because I plan to be a hippy and breastfeed, and I really don't have a desire to pretend its 2001 again and re-pierce the nips.

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