Friday, March 1, 2013

Best Diet Ever, for you BRA.

No one tells you this, but getting knocked up is the best diet ever. These first two months I've lost weight since everything either smells disgusting or makes me nauseated. Seriously, I've lost like 5 pounds (apparently normal for the first trimester- so I'm not supposed to worry).

Also, I can now understand why you're not supposed to tell anyone during these first three months. Because so far, I've seen my boobs get so big, basically over night. Its taken a lot of restraint to not proclaim my excitement to the world, as being a fairly tomboyish shaped lady, into having huge knockers. And that's just not classy. Hey! I'm pregnant! Check out my BOOBS! (boob instagram). So, i'll just keep my mouth and and shirt buttoned, and wait out this next month and hopefully these odd exhibitionist pangs (I'm the most modest person I know) calm themselves down.

Honestly though. Being a lady is rad. BOOBS!

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