Friday, March 15, 2013


I heard it! Lil Heart Beat!! This week. Its really something magical. We also got our first print out of a lil ultrasound photo that I put right up on our fridge. (s)he is the size of a grape, but you can see those lil Fosse arms and legs.

We confirmed our date, and are estimated due date is set for middle/end of October. Lil Pumpkin!!! Right now I am officially at the 11 weeks mark (morning sickness please end soon. this is miserable, but I did finally have somewhat of an appetite last night and made soft tacos that I ate ALL up!).

Been thinking a lot about names, and we having some good ones lined up. Looking forward to week 20 when we get to know the gender.

I've also signed up for a centering group at my birthing center. More info on that later, but basically its communal group monthly visits, where I'll have my private doctor's checkup, then we stay together with other expecting moms due in the same month and discuss together everything about the birthing and baby process. Its very woman-focused, and mama and baby focused. It also gives us a chance to really get to know other women in the same phase of their lives, and have more time with our midwives before the main event.

Also, did I mention my birthing center offers free (included in payment) mama yoga classes? Cloth diapering, nursing, and all these other AWESOME classes? yes. So excited for this next chapter.

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