Friday, March 15, 2013

The Technicolor Yawns

I don't want to speak too soon and jinx myself, but as today marks my 11 week-mark, I'm feeling remarkably AMAZING.

I woke up and only gagged half a dozen times during my morning bathroom routine.

I ate a balanced breakfast without running to the bathroom to vom once.

I have not had to fight the fact that everything smells like impeding barf, and I don't have to worry about not eating enough to feed my new lil building bones in my belly. I'm not constantly nauseated!

This constant carsick queasy last few weeks has made me feel like I've been riding the dreaded sailboat from hell on choppy waters with a rookie captain drunkenly steering the vessel. Today my good friends, I am moving pasts those stormy waters, and bidding a farewell to the technicolor yawns of the first trimester.

What will make this feeling even better? FINALLY, finally! Sharing the news with my mom. Though its been a tough secret to keep, we have kept our lips zipped, and plan to tell everyone on my dad's birthday 4/2/13, as we found out the news on 2/2/13, it just seems like the right REVEAL! date. only two more weeks!


  1. Spoke too soon... going on week 13 and still fighting morning nausea.

  2. Also we couldn't wait until the 2nd. Like my dad said, "Good News should NEVER have to wait!"