Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sharing Secrets

We have started to tell our friends and family about our lil secret (that is now the size of a peach inside my belly). Its so much fun to break the news and really rewarding to hear how genuinely excited people are for us amidst their shock and awe. I really wasn't expecting so much love to be radiating through our phones when we decided to make The Calls, but telling people fills me with even more love than I thought possible. It feels like when we called our closest to announce our wedding, only this time it feels even more exciting and more on the brink of a whole new life direction ahead of us. It rules!

I'm still throwing up :( I hope this stops sooner or later. Really not the part of the fun, but the sacrifice is what makes everything worth it, going through these motions (ugh, please dont say motions, or motion sickness starts to kick in again), makes the day we get to finally meet our little one be that much more rewarding.

Tonight we are having some of our friends come over to watch the season three premiere of Game of Thrones, and now that I'm starting to show more of a bump, there will no longer be much of an option to hide our secret much longer. Also the pic of our ultrasound on the fridge will probably be a give-away.

Just a few more weeks and we will get to know if we have a He or a She. Really excited to find that out, but got to be patient, and either way we will be excited. I really don't know how people can wait and have their baby's gender be a surprise. I mean not that it makes much of a difference either way, (our boy will wear pink if he wants, and our girl will learn how to work on motorcycles if she wants), but there is so much suspense in pregnancy, so much waiting *(which is already going by so quickly - wow this time next year we will have a six-month old. WOW). Finding out the gender is a small milestone in the pregnancy we can't wait to get to! Also it helps (somewhat - my name is Tyler afterall) with name planning. We already have a few in mind, but my mom is sending some baby name books my way to help us figure it out.

Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

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