Friday, March 15, 2013


I was thinking about this earlier this week. Starting off my 30s right, as a mama to be. And it occurred to me,  my twenties were for me.

I graduated college, traveled Europe, lived in England, and San Francisco (two places I always wanted to live), and I moved to someplace entirely new and unexplored (another one of my dreams) - Austin, TX. I bought a home, wrote a book, recorded an album that I wrote, and visited NYC for the first time. I explored careers, and found a field I'm naturally awesome at and enjoy doing. I learned how to put on and wear red lipstick (never thought that was possible), and learned how to use and read Tarot cards.

I rescued 2 cats, and 2 dogs, and swam in rivers, oceans, lakes, and pools (even one that I get to call my own!). I started a vegan food blog, and traversed the "new" wave of birthing an online social media presence with friendster/myspace/facebook/instagram and decided that less tech is sometimes more. I also wrote a research paper on the history of typing, got it published and was paid to do it. I bought a blank keyboard and can type 10-key and QWERTY at 100+ WPM.

I saw more live music than I could ever shake a stick at, including some of my favorite and all time monumental musical influences. I met Bruce Campbell, Jim Carey, and Henry Rollins. I lived my first entire decade of vegan living, and read so many books that have helped me learn and grow into the person I want to be, into the person I am, and aspire to become.

Most importantly, I fell in love, got married (never thought I would do that), and started my future. I feel so lucky to have found this love so early in my life (though there were SEVERAL very dry years before my 20s before I patiently awaited, and found this one). Getting married at 22, and waiting 8 years before starting a family was what we wanted, is what we WANT.

I'm so happy that I had my 20s to focus on me. And do all these things that I've wanted to do and explore, which would still be possible in my 30s, but will be less of a priority for me when I have a lil one on board. And I'm so looking forward to pouring my love, dedication, hard work, and intellect to good use with a lil bebe! I am going to try my darnedest to be the best parent, role model, friend, and support system for you, for your whole life as long as you live. Can't wait to meet you lil Pumpkin!

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