Friday, March 1, 2013

Water Baby

After watching, "The Business of Being Born," and also reading, "What to Expect When You're Expecting (4th Addition)" I immediately knew that the only route for me was choosing a birthing center.

No hospitals for this lady! No thank you. Though I understand anything can happen, so I want to be in a place where they have some more medical equipment on hand if needed (rather than a home birth). With our dogs, I think a home birth would be too stressful for them as well. SO! Without further, ado, I'm glad to announce that Jason and I passed our interview and were invited to join the Austin Area Birthing Center community to have our new family member brought to us hospital free.

Next week we're going in for our "first" check up where we get to either hear our lil pumpkin's heartbeat, or see what the little pumpkin seed looks like. Maybe both. Its still really hard not to tell my mom, but somehow I feel like she already knows. Moms are like that.

What's so awesome about AABC, is not only that they have great reviews, a full staff of highly trained midwives, and are located up by our house, but they offer birthing rooms that feel more like a vacation rentals than a hospital room. There are spa tubs, large fluffy beds, room to walk around, large walk-in showers, birthing balls, privacy, a large communal kitchen and waiting area with plush couches, netflix and tons of room for as few or as many people I choose to be with us when we are going through labor. They encourage me to do what feels best. They also allow the mother to eat or drink during labor (not just eat ice chips like in hospitals). I really like the idea of having a water birth, and when you're in a lot of pain, soaking in a bath, moving around to feel comfortable makes so much more sense for the woman and not to be tense, and more stressed, causing more pain.

I don't want drugs, or IVs, or C-section, or any of that. I figure considering all the tattoos I have in beautiful but unfortunate places (for highly painful reasons), I will do this the way my body is made to do it. Naturally, and away from doctors opening my legs, smelling like hand sanitizer and trying to rush me, or knock me out as soon as possible. Just not for me.

What's also amazing about AABC is that they have a schedule full of all kinds of classes that are included in the cost of joining. Maternity Yoga, Breast-feeding, Cloth-Diapering. I'm so excited!

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