Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hot Mama

I had the privilege and honor to be a model for my baby's God Mother this last weekend. Luckily it wasn't wearing swim apparel, because I'm starting to have a lil pooch! According to my ipad app, the lil pumpkin is now the size of a plum, and my uterus is the size of a cantaloupe  Clothes are finally starting to feel snug, even though I still haven't put on any weight. :/ Here's to the next 3 months for that, right?

The photoshoot was really fun, and is probably the last time in a long time when I will be strutting around with other cute vintage girls looking not-pregnant. I'm really excited about the idea of having a tan huge belly this summer, but I've read that pregnant moms need to stay out of hot tubs, and hot baths to keep their body temperatures below 100 degrees. Maybe I won't be allowed to sun bathe? :( I'll need to ask my midwife during my next visit, NEXT WEEK! So excited to see the lil one again, and hopefully hear their heart beat again too. That was really putting it into reality mode. 6 more months before we can breathe some air together! xoxoxo

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