Thursday, February 28, 2013

Silver Linings

I peed on the third test and still could barely believe it. Though I am so excited, and grow more and more in love with the tiny pumpkin sprouting in my belly's garden, its still surreal. I was never one of those girls who knew they wanted to get married, knew they wanted 2.5 babies, knew they wanted to grow up and wear the badge of honor, "mother." At least not with human babies. Animals? Yes! Since I was born I felt a strong connection with the animal kingdom. Some women know that is who they are though, a wife, a mother, from as far back as they can remember, and that's exactly who they want to be. They do everything possible to get there, its a lifelong ambition. Which is great for them, but it was never me.

Its amazing how age, experience, falling in love, getting married, living with your partner and building a home and future together sort of sets you adrift on this river of making babies. You don't even really know your floating down it, until you get these overwhelmingly strong currents that surge through you screaming, "BABIES!" sometimes completely knocking the wind out of you. We both knew that we would eventually want to start a family of other humans (to add to our mix of non-human family members), and knew that we first wanted to accomplish the goals the home-ownership, careers, and finding a city that would be where we want to stick our roots and raise little ones.

So we crossed off all the boxes leading up to this place in our lives, and finally made the choice to throw caution to the wind and see what would happen. Little did we expect things to happen so soon, but it is the most magical treasure either of us could have imagined, and its only just beginning. Here we are moving forward, down this river and all we can do is try our best to gear up for the up and coming currents, unforeseen rapids, and hope for some lazy floating around together on this magic island of life that's ahead.

I apologize ahead of time for these and many more hippy-dippy posts, sappy analogies, and cliche metaphors that are sure to come.

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