Monday, June 10, 2013

Yoga and Sunshine

June has really begun with a great start! Every weekend since June 1st, I have been making sure I get in plenty of Yoga, and plenty of Sunshine. Though weekends never seem long enough, this recipe has made me feel so great, and energized starting the new work weeks. This awesome middle-stage of pregnancy really does  feel so AWESOME! Still having plenty of mobility (though a lit more limited), energy, and appetite. The yoga and sunny swim days I think play a big role in it too. I have to keep this going! It will be my key to survival for the impending doom of the Texas heat (i'm sure).

Yesterday Chenoh (godmama) and I went swimming, and she had the fun suggestion to do Tie-Dying at the baby shower for the white onsies! I love the idea of having my guests decorate them, but tie-dying I think will make really cute, personalized styles that even the non-artsty types can get involved with and create something really fun and beautiful for her. Such a great idea! It could get a little messy, but I think if I set all that up outside it will be so much fun, and Jocelyn will get a whole new wonderful collection of hippy dip-dyed creations. YAY! Can't wait.

Liz (vegan buddy) and Heidi (Jason's sister) have really cute ideas for our party favors, and I can't wait to put them together! I won't say much now to keep it as a surprise for our guests. I will say that (did I already mention?) that Jason's next batch of homebrew will be ready for the party, so everyone can enjoy some of his amazing brewskis, and I will be brewing up a bunch of iced teas as well. There will also be lots of delicious vegan eats and treats. I really hope that Liz's husband can make some of his vegan deviled potatoes (like deviled eggs but vegan) that she's  told me about. This will be so much fun. :)

And speaking of, I've sent out the majority of all our invites, only a few left that I need to confirm mailing addresses to first. I think that our group will actually be closer to 20 people +/-, which will be so great! We'll see after RSVPs are returned for sure. Getting so excited :)

With all this baby excitement, Jason and I sort of forgot that its our anniversary this month! 6-wedding-years! And what do you know it lands straight on the day of the Full-Super-Moon, and, as always right after the summer solstice. We usually go out to the movies, which we'll probably do again this year, but since it lands on a Sunday (Weekend day) for once, maybe we will go do something else special. Hamilton Pool? -If its open. Book a nice dinner somewhere different? La Condesa apparently has really great vegan options if you call in advance and book a reservation. We'll see! And traditionally the 6th year gift is supposed to be Iron, so perhaps we should go eat somewhere with plenty of kale and spinach! hahaha. Jocelyn I think is our real gift to each other though this year :)

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