Friday, June 14, 2013

Full House!

We have already had some RSVPs trickle in, and I'm so excited to have some really sweet, special visitors lined up for our shower! Can't wait to see Sara Pedal! She came out and stayed with us a couple years ago for SXSW when Holden was just a puppy, now he probably weighs more than she does. Haha, our lil pony. She will be with us for the whole weekend, so excited!

Jason's hometown next door neighbor (more like a mama), is coming out to stay with us for a whole week from California!! I am SO excited to have Pam stay with us, and join us for Jocelyn's shower. Yay Grandma Pam!! I think she might be the only family member that will be able to make it (that I know of so far), way to represent Felton! <3 <3

We will also have our dear friend Kristin stay with us and her 2 year old daughter, Jody, from Dallas. Kristin was one of Jason's first buddies when he moved to San Francisco, and a year later when I moved to SF to be with him, she was one of MY first friends in the city. We love Kristin, and are SO stoked we can have her with us! It's hard to believe that her baby shower for Jody in Dallas was already two years ago. I hope she has as much fun at mine, as I did at hers. Yay, babies!!!

This is really turning into such a special day for us already. I might have to order a third cheesecake for all the guests! woo hoo! It really makes me wish I could take some time off and party with everyone for more than just the weekend. It's unlikely, but I'll see what I can do, at least I'll have Saturday and Sunday off to spend with everyone! And the evenings :)

Speaking of taking time off, so Jason, again super husband, surprised me today by working from home today, so he could get a head start on the flooring for Jocelyn's room. He sent me a pic on my lunch break of the carpet all torn out of there already (and Holden rolling around saying goodbye to "his" room haha). *Swoon!* I told him I wanted to help when we started talking about plans for everything, but he said he wouldn't let me, and maybe keeping me out of the house is the only way he can do that. Haha, go Daddy Jason, go!

I feel like as the mama, I am the one getting the most attention, but papa Jason really deserves all the love and attention just as much, this is his lil baby, and he is definitely putting in all the love, hard work, and thought into making her the luckiest lil girl in the world. I love you papa J! So Friday night plans? Home Depot for bamboo floors, and hopefully Jason left me some re-organizing to do with all the musical instruments moved out of the baby's closet into the guest room closet.

Here's to another weekend of swimming and yoga! While the hubby kicks me out of the house to do hot manly home reno. He better at least let me bring him some cold drinks and snacks, even though he told me to, "not lift a finger!" Its really hard for me not to get in there and saw, and hammer in some of those planks. Actually this will be the first room of the house that we haven't worked on together. I'll let him do it, I think while I'm over here creating life, maybe this is his way of also creating something only his body is capable of right now :) Can't wait to see when its all done!

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