Saturday, June 8, 2013

Summer's Starting to Shine Already

Last weekend marked my first dip of the year, and first weekend of swimming which I plan to do EVERY weekend for the rest of summer. Tomorrow I'm hitting up Barton Springs with the lovely Miss Chenoh, to work on my tan and get some low-impact exercise swimming laps.

23 weeks! Here's some pics after a full morning of yoga (Cat the instructor went 30 minutes over today, and it felt sooooo good!), and after a trip to home depot finalizing which carpet to install for the baby room and stairs, hand-writing and addressing all of the baby shower invites that I have addresses for, picking up and mailing out all the father's day cards I send out annually, and all the birthday cards for my gemini siblings, and finally taking a prom-queen shower (the full beauty works!). Feeling refreshed and grateful. No make up today, just me.

My favorite part of yoga is at the end, when we go through the guided, suggested relaxation mediation, and feel each part of our body release and relax. After our instructor guides us through each body part, toes to crown, we then meditate on our baby relaxing. Jocelyn, I can tell is already a little rebel, because without fail, this is the part of the yoga sesh when she wakes up and kicks around after being quiet for the whole practice. I have to use my energy to try to mentally tell her to calm down, and laugh with her wildness quietly inside- almost making me laugh out loud when I'm trying to respect our instructor's guided words of relaxation. HAHA. Such a lil character!


  1. Haha! Like you can tell your children to calm down at any age! Haha! Love you!!!!!

  2. HAHA! She's teaching me that one early! Love you too! <3