Sunday, June 23, 2013

6-Year Wedding Anniversary

Today is Jason and my 6-year wedding anniversary! Wow, 6 years ago already, time sure flies when you're having fun! This year we are so happy that our anniversary falls on a weekend, so we can enjoy more time together, doing exactly what WE want! Yesterday for me that was...

Sleeping through Yoga. I usually wake up every morning at 7am, 8am at the latest, but I guess I really needed the extra Zzzz's after my long grueling work week, because I didn't wake up until 10:30! It was a bummer I missed Yoga, but I did some stretching at home, and figured that my body needed the rest. We then went to Home Depot and picked up some easy-stick tiles, so I could put in a new floor in our upstairs guest bath. It was a DIY home project that I could do with no heavy-lifting or toxic chemicals, and I finished it all on my own! Except for removing the toilet - which Jason did, and then I helped him replace the wax-ring to put it back down on the new floor. It looks so much better, and that much closer to being ready for our shower guests, and baby. I initially wanted to put in river-stone pebble tiles, but considering we will eventually remodel the bathroom all together (take out shower/bath, put in a claw foot and replace the old sink cabinet with an updated and more space-efficient one), the easy-stick tiles were less expensive, so won't be as heartbreaking to eventually rip out or tile over.

Jason fixed the part of our back fence that Zombie had been hopping to run around in our neighbor's yard (to do who knows what, aside from being a pain in our ass getting her back on our side haha - luckily no dogs our cats at that neighbor's house). So that's all good. I weed-whacked about half of our back yard, until Jason unplugged me and told me to stop doing so much and to just relax. Haha, I told him I wasn't too hot outside, but he wouldn't hear it, and told me to go put my feet up and drink some ice water after doing everything I already had that day. Little does he know that hard-labor to me is relaxing sometimes. Haha, maybe while he's bottling this batch of home brew today I can sneak back outside with the weed whacker and sun hat and finish my choppin!

We decided not to exchange gifts this year for our anniversary, as Jocelyn, really is our gift to each other this year, that and the day off to spend some quality time with one another. We have been going to the movies for our anniversaries, and this year World War Z is in the theater, which we might end up doing (Zombies, Full Super Moon, and Anniversary!) but going to the theater for me isn't as fun as watching movies in our home theater, since I have to get up and pee every 30 minutes haha. So we might just go out to a nice meal together instead, and keep working on the house, nesting away.

I finished writing the first batch of thank-yous for our baby registry gifts, and already feel so much love and gratitude for all our loving friends and family who are helping us welcome our daughter into our lives and home. Everything's coming together, and I'm finally starting to really appreciate the 9 months it takes to welcome her here, as I feel like we still have so much to do to prepare for her arrival. I am also really enjoying this part of pregnancy, and am sure I will miss it and think back on this time, carrying her magically and fondly. This part is definitely better than the beginning, which is why I think I felt so impatient at first. I feel like right now, I'm taking in every present moment, and appreciating it exactly for what it is, and its really rewarding.

Last night I had a dream I was having twins, and I woke up thinking for a second that I had two babies in my tummy, only to remember (somewhat thankfully) that I only have one lil girl in me. I think perhaps the dream was because our household is full of pairs, me and jason, zombie and holden, molly and roxy... but also there are quite a few friends and acquaintances that are having or just had twins so twins must be on the mind!

To honor Jason's Black Foot Native American heritage, we've chosen our daughter's secret Black Foot name. I feel like it already suits her well from what I know about her, but we'll see after she's born if it truly is her name, or if we will feel the need to pick a new one. Our beautiful Jocelyn girl! We are still undecided on her middle name, but are looking forward to hearing suggestions from our guests at our baby shower.

Time to get the day going with my true love! Happy anniversary honey, I love you so much!!

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