Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mind-Baby Connection

When you're pregnant, your midwife (or your doctor) will tell you that if you don't feel your baby moving for a day or two, you should contact them immediately. At first, when I was told this in my centering group, I had just started to feel slight movements, so was skeptical that you really feel her every day. But now that she's growing, she definitely is moving daily! I've really grown to love this feeling, and  love being pregnant. So worth the beginning being as rough as it was, this part is really, truly  fun.

I've noticed from the beginning, that she has routine times when she likes to wiggle and kick around in there. Just recently I made the connection that when I'm happiest, she is too! And she celebrates my happy moods with mini innerbelly dance parties. Here's when I feel her busting a move:

  • When I wake up before work, and laze in bed for 15 minutes cuddling  with Molly (my black cat). I love starting my  days like this, easing into another long day at the office, I really appreicate these extra  moments of rest, while I'm awake and aware of them enough to really appreicate every moment. 
  • After lunch. A full belly, equals a happy pregnant lady
  • Whenever I'm talking to my dogs. I thought at first that it was her way of wanting to break out and play with them already (perhaps also true), but I realize that this is when I'm happiest. With my animals. 
  • When I get home from work and put my feet up. She really goes wild when I do this, and inside- I do too! 
  • After dinner when I cuddle on the couch and watch TV with my husband. I love this time we share together, usually each of us with a dog curled up next to us or on our legs. 
  • And then the last two weeks, at the end of my yoga classes, when I feel so blissed out, happy, and restored. 
All of these moments are when Jocelyn proclaims her interpretive dance of, "Rejoice! Rejoice!" the strongest. I strongly believe that surrounding yourself with as much positivity as possible is so important, regardless of being pregnant, and to do what makes you happiest, even if that's just an extra 15 minutes of laying in bed each morning with your black cat nuzzled into your arm. Appreciating and really truly enjoying all the small moments of happiness are good for the soul. Now, having such a fresh new life on board the Tyler train, makes my  need for surrounding energy of love, light, and happiness just as (if not more) important. Happy mama, happy baby. Nourishing our mental health is just as important as our physical health, for baby too! <3 <3

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