Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy Effing Monday

The best part of this Monday, is coming home after a long work-day to be greeted by a husband home early to start dinner for us, with the whole house smelling of his delicious primavera/marina. A friend from his work brought him a big yellow homegrown summer squash that he put in, along with a bunch of sautéed bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, garlic, soyrizo, wheat sausage, and all the other goodies and spices that he uses to make the best whole wheat pasta ever. Fresh parsley and jalapeños are still waiting to go in. YUM! I can't wait!

The NOT best part of a Monday like today, aside from the obvious, was going upstairs to change into my around-the-house clothes, to find that Houdini took a big dump in the baby's room. Yes we know the difference between Holden and Zombie's "brands" and I will not go through the details. The poor guy probably drank too much river water this weekend. Jason helped me clean it up, and luckily that old carpet in there is all coming out either next weekend or the one after anyway, as we have our new carpet for that room, the other guest room, the upstairs hallway and stairs already all picked out. Just need to decide on exact color (something gray-toned, light enough to hide Zombie's hair, dark enough to not be a white carpet in a house full of animals, a baby, and a couple of marinara loving vegans). Anyway, its all just another day in the life of having a couple of big pups, and only reaffirms my sense that cloth diapering really can't be anything as "bad" or "scary" as people make it out to be. Anything to be greener, and save money I'm down for! Why waste all those plastic diapers that will still be in landfill for several more lifetimes ahead of us? That's what's scary, and gross to me. I mean, and it can't be as bad as cleaning up after two 100lbs+/- dogs who shit on our carpets. With cloth diapers, its at least all contained.

But! Enough of that. Today, I did have the lovely surprise to run into Chenoh, Jocelyn's godmama on my lunch break, which was so nice to see her for a bit. And I will say that though today was really long at work, I did still have some lovely energy going through me from such a great weekend. I went to my first prenatal yoga class on Saturday at my birth center, and it was awesome. I'd been meaning to go to this outdoor, morning, weekend class for a few weeks, but I would always remember too late. Not this weekend! I was so happy to be there with the other mamas, feeling the early morning sun on our faces, and feeling the fresh breezes through the trees up by the birth center. I've always loved yoga, and have practiced on and off for more than the past decade, but this class taught me some new modifications on some old poses to help accomodate my new bump, and I'm so happy to know that I'm finally getting the energy back to not throw up haha and exercise with Jocelyn. It feels so good to move!

After yoga, Jason and I had to take our cats into the vets for their three-year regular check up and round of shots. Both were in tip-top shape! Though both had each lost 1 pound (but still healthy, and molly of course still with her lil belly). I can't believe they are 8 years old. Time goes by so quick. I love these lil cats, and am glad they are both super healthy and happy.They were really good about being in the carrier this time too. I suppose after a 3-day, 33 hour drive with our old car when we moved out here- compared to the 20 minutes to the vet's- made them appreciate these short trips haha.

After all that, I met with up with Liz, a friend I met through the Austin Vegan community, and we got tacos (or well, I got tacos and nachos, and she got tacos). It was really great to hang with her, as another vegan, looking to eventually grow her family with her vegan husband. She also brought her copy of Spiritual Midwifery (the other Ina May Gaskin book recommended by my midwives), and let me borrow it. So awesome! I'm almost finished with Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, so I'll have another one lined up now :) She's a really neat lady, and was really sweet to help out with some of my baby shower planning. She looked up some pricing for cupcakes v. cake from Capital City Bakery for me (omg YUM!), and even offered to pitch in and bake something if I wanted her to as well. Thanks Liz! You're great!

The only thing that could have been better about Saturday, was if I had some swimming in there, it was  a HOT day, and whenever I wasn't out of the house I was either taking another quick cold shower, or wearing my short, hippy mumu and eating ice cubes. There should be a medal for ladies who live through a Texas summer while pregnant, its only just starting and I can already see how much FUN it will be haha, as long as I have an endless supply of icecubes I think I'll be okay.

Yesterday I actually slept in! (until 9am). Which felt so good. We met up with some friends and took our dogs out to Bull Creek to do some swimming, and Holden had so much fun! He loves all the kids and is so good with them, and there was also one really cute, tiny lil husky puppy (named Dixie) who decided to follow him around for a while, and was so effing cute! With zombie's ice white, lil husky eyes. I didn't get a pic of the Dixie, but look at this cutie in his lil (big boy) life vest. I love him so much!

Going out there, was my first time this year to put on a bikini, and surprisingly all my bikini's still fit. I just have quite a bit more in between the top and the bottom these days. It felt so good to get some sun on my belly, and take a few dips in the creek after all the rain. Swimming is a definite must this summer. As much as possible.

After all the sun and swimming Jason and I went out for some sandwiches, because I've been craving sourdough bread from San Francisco like NO other. All the bread out here in Texas really sucks, they really don't know how to do bread like the west coast. Maybe its because of the humidity? I've also never had to buy my bread frozen and keep it in the refrigerator until I moved to Texas. So weird haha. All in all it was a perfect weekend, but always too short. I'm hoping that as the summer picks up, I won't get too uncomfortable in the heat and sun - since I love sun bathing (with sunscreen) so much, and swimming is pretty much the #1 reason we moved to Austin in the first place (that and the vegan culture, and you know NOT California real estate prices). My midwives gave me the A-OK to get as much sun as feels good, but to listen to my body and not overdo it, and to stay super hydrated.

But, wow, its hard to believe we've lived here for as many years as we already have now, that we bought a house in our twenties out here, and are now raising our family- in the middle of Texas. Life has a funny way of surprising you for the best sometimes. I still miss my family, every day, and the ocean, but right now I'm so happy to be brining my baby into the world, in this awesome city!

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