Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Discounted/Free Breast Pumps through your Insurance Provider

My Centering group has a google forum set up, and one of the members recently posted this:
"I recently found out that breast pumps are now covered under most medical insurance plans.  This is a consequence of the Affordable Care Act.  You can contact your insurance company to find out which medical suppliers they use, and which breast pumps are available.  I was told that I would not be able to request mine until after the 30th week of pregnancy - it is a little early still.  But, these are a costly item, and if you have insurance you should definitely take advantage!"
So awesome! Another gal in our group then responded that she called her insurance and was able to get a FREE Medelo breast pump with her provider. I haven't called my insurance yet, and we didn't initially intend to add a breast pump to our wishlist of baby needs (as I'm not planning on going back to work for a while), but if they are actually at somewhat of a reasonable price, or FREE, might as well take advantage of that. Especially since some moms who are stay at home as well, end up needing to use a breast pump anyway to help get their milk flowing.

Thought I should share without anyone else out there expecting. :)

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