Friday, June 21, 2013

Wild Week, Soccer Girl, Summertime!

Happy Friday! Today has been the best summer solstice ever. Truly making up for a long, exhaustive, week from H-E-double-Hockey Sticks. Finally getting the chance to write!

This week my uterus is roughly the size of a soccer ball, which is fitting considering how much she is kicking these days! She is also roughly 13.5 inches long (longer than a ruler!) Really turning into a little person in my belly, its so amazing to feel her, and think about her in there. She's definitely what keeps me going, grounded, and calm regardless of the shit storms around me.

So major bummer, was that my centering appointment/class for this month was cancelled last minute the night before. As arranged with my boss, the half day hours I spend in the morning at the Birth Center (for the 8 pre-scheduled Thursdays) have to be made up that week, so this week I had already worked 3 back to back 10-hour days, getting to the office early and working through my lunch breaks to only learn that, oh! Just joking, what you've been looking forward to for the past month, and worked your tired pregnant butt off for the last three days is actually NOT happening. The other disappointment was that because centering was cancelled (due to 3 of the 5 moms in the group couldn't join this week's meeting), was that the remaining 2 of us were scheduled to come in at least, for our regular belly checks. My "15 minute" appointment was at 10:45 (I got there early at 10:30), but no one saw me until 11:30! I had taken the centering being cancelled the best I could though being totally disappointed, as an opportunity to go to my vet's to refill Holden's arthritis Rx, and hopefully take myself out to lunch and have some "me" time- which I barely was able to swing over to the vet's afterwards and had to skip another lunch break and revert to my stash of glovebox clif and LARA bars, and bag of raw baby carrots on my drive back down to work the rest of my afternoon. It was- how else do you say it, a TOTAL bummer.

On the upswing, I found out at my appointment that I have gained roughly 20lbs, and for my starting BMI (which was healthy- but apparently "underweight"), its totally normal for me to gain up to 50lbs! Haha. OMG. That's so crazy. Then again, I didn't even realize I have already put on 20 pounds (which basically is a pound a week), and my midwife said especially with my healthy vegan diet, regular exercise, and overall body size, she is not at all worried about me gaining TOO much weight, and she's not worried about me not getting enough nutrition to my lil one, since I'm eating all the right foods and taking all the right supplements. She reassured me that all the weight I gain is good weight, and healthy weight for baby so basically keep going at it! Eat whatever the ef I want- which I've already been doing :) All vegan still of course, and I've even found that while pregnant I'm not finding CHIA seeds repulsive. So I've been putting those into my morning kale/flax/hemp protein smoothies too. I also got to hear Jocelyn's heartbeat again, and hear that both she and I are perfect models of health and doing great, which is always good to hear, regardless of all the let downs of everything else regarding this month's appointment. After my midwife said she was talking to the other gal (which apparently took over an hour before me - I bet she was more pissed than I was haha), we were both reassured that they wouldn't cancel another centering appointment again, as they understand how both of us had to make arrangements with our work ahead of time, and how it wasn't fair to us to drop that bomb (duh!), and that they felt kinda bad about it haha. So that's good at least. Not that they felt bad (sort of), but that they won't do this to us again. They said that if only 2 of us will show up the next time, we will still meet, and if we need to, we will just end our session early. That way no one is punished for other people canceling.

ANYWAY! So, several long work days this week, cancelled centering, and delayed appointments later... I do have some great things to balance out the week, and bring it up several notches! Thank Goddess it's Friday! After so much time spent working, this week, I took myself out to lunch (even though we are being very frugal and trying to save all our pennies and not eating out - I decided to anyway), and when I went to buy my taco salad at Whole Foods, apparently the Taco guy only put a sticker for $0.50 on my $9.50 meal, and the check out lady told me, "It's your lucky day! Its too much of a busy lunch time rush for me to see what the charges should be, so that will just be $1.87 for you today" (with my big vegan chocolate chip cookie of course). And even though it was super busy at wholefoods for lunch, I was able to get a table INSIDE (yay AC and wifi). I feel like whenever I eat there at lunch I have to sit outside which is hot, and their wifi has poor range outside. SO AWESOME!!! And, then luck had it that my boss decided to close the office an hour early today at 5, which means I was able to get home before 7 for once! When I got home just before 6, I even had a box waiting on my doorstep from my sister (and mom) with tons of baby clothes and accessories handed down from my niece Gigi! OMG. So many SUPER CUTE lil things. I can't wait to put my baby into them! Great way to end the week, feeling all the love, and cosmic karma rewarding my calm amidst chaos attitude, and hard-working week with treats and now a great start to my weekend!

This is a great start to summer too (happy solstice!), we still haven't had a triple-digit day in Austin for 2013, which I am SO GRATEFUL for. In 2011 we had already had 17 triple digit days, in a heat wave that totaled over 90 days of triple digits. Still hoping for a mild Texas (as mild as Texas can be) summer, and seemingly getting my wish. I'll take 98, 99 any day over 100 (it really does feel different). So glad for the weekend! A full, super moon on Sunday, which is also my 6-year wedding anniversary! <3 Going to work on the house, I think I might do a couple tiling projects for our upstairs bathroom and downstairs infront of our sliding glass doors, while Jason finishes the baby's room floors - bamboo in the closet and trim (nesting much?). A perfect way to spend time with my lovely hubby. We also have our carpet installation scheduled, July 6th, so that's in just a couple weekends too! Will look and feel so much nicer and be safer for our stairs. I'm also so excited for tomorrow morning's yoga, and of course swimming and sunshine (probably Sunday). Loving Summer! Belly in Texas and all!

Lots of love out to the universe!

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