Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Summer never ends in Texas

This morning I finally got through all of Jocelyn's thank you notes and will be sending them out today. I'm waiting on 2 more addresses of some of her friends, but the rest will be given out. yay! She helped write each card, and had fun helping earlier in the week. Today I finally wrote the grown up words along with hers.

Last night I acknowledged I had yoga, knew I should go since I didn't feel like going (when my body usually needs it the most), but instead stayed at home and laid on the couch while Joss and Jason had their "mom's at yoga movie night." I guess I still did my practice, it just only consisted of savasana (corpse pose) and didn't involve me having to get dressed or drive in my car.

Jackson is kicking up a storm as usual, and I am growing more and more eager to meet him on the outside. Last night I started to have the first feelings of not being able to take my full deep breath, as my organs are continuing to be pushed upwards inside my belly, starting to compress the space my lungs have. Jason said, "Didn't that happen in the 3rd trimester last time?" and I said, "Yes, but its just beginning. I'm ready to be done with pregnancy, and we still have a ways to go..." My first feeling of being over it, which is a good sign that I'm getting closer and closer to February. This incessant heat is also not helping. I was pumping myself up to not be my biggest during the hottest months of the year like I was with Joss, however I wasn't remembering that this is Texas, and its still in the 90s and we're almost in November. Usually I love the warm winters, but with my increased body temperature I'm so over it. Give me all the snow!

SO SO SO grateful to not be working this time around. There are a lot of set backs as far as things we would like to be able to do around the house that has been put on hold without my added income, some sacrifices financially to make it possible for me to stay at home, and continue to keep Joss in her Montessori school, but I am getting rest. Which is priceless. For my body, spirit and mind, and I am so grateful. It won't be like this forever so trying to enjoy it and not feel guilty about not being a bread winner right now. And not trying to over achieve by being 100% productive this whole time, but letting myself relax, which is so hard for my personality. But its necessary and I know is good for me and the baby, and also for our whole family to have a stress-free, patient, relaxed mama.

Speaking of, I need to make hair appointments for me and Jason. I saw in my facebook flashback feed that my last haircut was recently a year ago. So I think its time for me to get my annual haircut, and do a little pampering. Jason is getting a little shaggy too, so I'll make his apt for him. We love Chenoh at Black Orchid! Joss's god mama! Not sure who we'll have for god parents with Jackson yet, we have a couple ideas, but will decide for certain later, along with middle name, and secret Blackfoot name for him.

Hard to believe that Halloween is so soon. We have a lot going on before then. This weekend we have Stella's birthday party in the morning, then the sibling's class for Jocelyn at the birth center that afternoon. Then the following weekend Addison's Halloween Birthday Party, and Monday will be halloween. Since its still so hot out I'll have to wait to carve pumpkins until right before, so they don't immediately rot. Maybe we'll buy them this weekend, and put them outside until we carve them the next. I love this time of year! :)

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