Sunday, October 2, 2016

3 Years Ago

When we went to the birth center for our gender reveal appointment, Jocelyn wanted to see where she was born, and the Zen room was open, so we showed her the tub where she came up out of the water almost 3 years ago exactly. Magical moments happening right here folks. My heart is so full of love.

We also went to a friend's 3rd birthday party this weekend, and picked up a bunch of 0-3 month old baby boy items from his mom who has a 3 month old baby boy as well who outgrew all these wonderful items (many of which have never been used... as new born baby clothes tend to go). Having like minded (vegan) mom friends, means also not having all of the boy outfits plastered with sexist male propaganda, and sports themed everything (which is hard to do these days!). All stripes and animals :)

So filled with love and gratitude. Time to update our Baby Registry, as we are definitely set for the early months, aside from some newborn cloth diapers and a my breast friend nursing pillow.

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