Sunday, October 2, 2016

Halfway Mark!

Officially halfway through this pregnancy. At this stage I should have gained about 33% of my pregnancy weight. So far I've gained 20lbs. Last pregnancy I gained 50lbs total (which is a lot), but since I have a super healthy diet, and stay active with yoga 3 x a week and walking, my midwives said it wasn't anything to worry about and all baby. Looks like I'm on track to gain about the same amount again, and maybe even more.

At our anatomy ultrasound, everything looked beautiful, normal and healthy. Checked brain, heart, all major organs, limbs, skulls, body, face (for cleft pallet) and everything looked great for our baby boy. Due to the size, they think the EDD looks like it could be a week or so earlier, and so far baby looks to be at the 66% percentile. Considering I have big babies, I'm taking my estimate for an earlier due date with a grain of salt and wouldn't be surprised if he comes a week or so late like Joss. First lesson in being a mom, be open and adaptable to change plans, and know we're not in total control. Who knows, maybe baby will be a January baby? you just never know!

Feeling great, more and more movements, such a wonderful feeling. My placenta again is anterior (meaning in front), so rather than my stomach, my baby, my placenta, my back (which is most common)... I have my stomach, my placenta, my baby, then my back. Baby right now is also neither facing up or down, but laying in my uterus sideways (head on my left side, and feet pointing out over to my right). I still have plenty of time for baby to move into the proper (head down) position, but just interesting to see and know on the ultrasound.

Baby is the size of a papaya, roughly 10"long and oh my goodness, I am just getting more and more excited to meet this little fellow. I had a dream about him meeting aunty Heidi and her boys, and their pet pig, (lol they don't have a pet pig), and he was such a cute big baby, even though less than a week old he had a full head of hair, blonder than Joss when she was new, and pretty green eyes like me. He was so strong and sturdy and was holding up his head looking around with big chubby cheeks.

Part of me is a bit nervous to have a boy, since I've only had a girl. We are both in agreement to NOT CIRCUMCISE.  I know that we will figure it out as we go, and mostly everything will be the same. We didn't know anything about babies before our first, and I think we did/are doing just fine. I just know that I want to do everything right and give our kids the best possible. Which I think is already doing okay. Jason is so happy to have a son on the way, and I think it will be fun to have one of each.

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