Saturday, October 15, 2016

Jocelyn's Big Day, Baby Boy Jackson.

Today is Jocelyn's birthday party. Last night I did just about all of the shopping and organizing with her, and this morning we are eating breakfast with some PBS cartoons while we wait for Party City to open so we can go buy some helium balloons, and then stop by HEB for some ice to fill up our cooler. Weather should be holding up today for a great morning/afternoon in the park! Its supposed to get back up to 90 degrees today, but hopefully stays comfortable enough this morning while we're there with our friends. 53 RSVPs including kiddos! Joss is so excited to run around with everyone.

We have Hail Mary's pumpkin pie mini tarts, and I baked a bunch of vegan oatmeal chocolate chip cookies last night with Joss. We have organic strawberries and raspberries that I washed last night, and a big tray of veggies and huge tub of hummus. Also a big box of pretzels in little bags to hand out, and some various vegan granola type bars (Lara Bars and these Rabbit Jr. organic ones with chia we get at Costco). We also bought a bunch of organic honest company juice boxes and water bottles. I have her big HAPPY BIRTHDAY Banner that I made for her 1st birthday, hung at her second as well, and will hang today. Some laminated photos of her as a baby that I will tape to the cement picnic tables, a big sheet of fabric to clip to a tree that I scoped out last weekend for a photo booth, charged my camera battery, and packed everything up in my car. Halloween-inspired party favors (bubbles, bouncy balls in a pink jackolantern bucket), bought paper plates, napkins, utensils, a big green "3" birthday candle, and packed a lighter, some trash bags, and am so excited to party! Almost as much as Joss :) I'm dressing up in a black maternity dress with cat ears, and Joss of course as Twilight Sparkle (my little pony) for our dress as your favorite animal theme, and then face painting at the park will add the finishing touches. so much fun ahead!

Jocelyn's actual birthday was this past Wednesday, and since her party is today, and our far away family has been sending her packages through out the week, we've been celebrating all week. Before bed Joss asks to hear her birth story, and ask about Jackson in my belly (baby boy Jackson!). I tell her how he kicks when I eat spicy food, just like she did. Then she narrates what he's thinking in my belly, "What is this? What is all this spicy food??? *kicking her feet and waving her arms around*" Talking with her about her birth all this week has been getting me more and more excited about Jackson's birth.

He's kicking more than ever, the bigger he gets the more Joss and Jason will be able to feel him too. Since my placenta is on the outside again, its hard for them to feel him, just like with Joss. But like Joss, give it another month and they'll be feeling him and his ninja moves in there!

So... JACKSON! We picked his name, Jax for short. This was going to be Jocelyn's name if she was a boy, and we still love it, so guess what? We're having a boy named, Jackson! Still undecided on the middle name... Lots of ideas, but might be a fun game to play at our baby shower again. Which brings me to...

BABY SHOWER! After discussing with our birth center community I've decided to throw a party again, even though we are untraditional and throwing it for ourselves, at our house again. Its such a challenge without any family here, but I'm okay with that. As far as registry goes, we pretty much have everything we need from hand me downs from friends, and we cloth diaper so I still have diapers from last time. I really enjoyed the fun activities, keepsakes we made, photos, celebration, and bringing love into our house making me feel supported by my community, rather than isolated and alone without family nearby - which I still feel vaguely pretty much all the time, raising our family out here on our own, but we are strong independent self-starters and this is the life that we have made for ourselves by choice and necessity to provide for our family and we are very grateful and happy to have what we have out here in the middle of Texas. SO! Faux pas be damned, I'm going to throw myself a birthday party baby shower/blessingway. Looking forward to it! Plus I feel like every pregnancy and kiddo should be celebrated, and Jackson should have his own day too. And my upcoming birth blessings and power wishes.

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