Friday, October 21, 2016

Another soon to be new baby on the block!

Talking with our neighbor Rima yesterday, I found out that one of my neighbors across the street is also pregnant, expecting a baby boy end of January! That's so awesome, to have two babies so close in age and so close by. We don't know these neighbors super well, but they are one of the few who moved to our block before we did. They didn't go to our block party a while back like the rest of our neighbors that we know know pretty well, but they are our same age group and just have different schedules than us 9-5ers. He is a DJ and she is a bartender... or at least that's what they were doing last we heard anything.

I have so many baby boy things that have already been given to me, so I'm putting together a little goodie bag for her and will stop it by her house later today with a little card with my phone number. It would be so great to have a mom friend right here, so close by! I wonder if she'll stay at home too. Yay! Mama friends in the making, and kids to grow up together on our block! So awesome.

Rima also told us (me and Joss) that yesterday was her birthday! I didn't know! So I'm going to put together a little gift bag for her too. She always brings by such thoughtful gifts for Jocelyn, never misses a holiday or her birthday, so I am going to find a little something for her and write a little card. I also asked if she would be able to be a backup for us if baby Jackson arrives before my mom gets here to watch Joss. She said of course, and that we have her number so its not a problem. Such a relief! Worse case, we could always bring Joss with us to the birth center but it would be pretty distracting for me, which would slow down my labor and progress, and also probably kind of scary/traumatic for her. In any case, my mom will be here beginning of February, so we should be just fine as far as making sure mom is here to watch Joss so papa and I can go have the baby with the support of the midwives and all the privacy and peace that my body needs during labor.

So grateful my mom can come out and stay with us too for such an extended stay. Its so hard to raise a family without family nearby, and my mom's visit last time after Joss was born was so special for all of us, and for me to just hold and bond with baby and not have to also worry about cleaning and cooking, eating, or running errands at the store. I could just snuggle up with my newborn and focus on being a mom, nursing and napping with the baby. It will be different with our big sister here too, which will also be such a great help, Joss is very helpful already and I can really see her helpfulness coming in handy after baby arrives. My mom being here to play with her and run around will also be so wonderful, and she will still be in school so I will have the mornings at home with just baby to bond and nurse and sleep.

Tomorrow really looking forward to the Siblings class that the birth center provides for big siblings, Joss and I will go there after Stella's morning birthday party. Its going to be a full day, but Sunday we don't have any plans so I'm looking forward to relaxing at home with papa and maybe running a few small errands.

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