Monday, October 17, 2016

22 Weeks

Feeling good, showing more and more of a baby bump and feeling more kicks. I am still tired, but getting more of that 2nd trimester energy boost, and nausea is pretty much down from 100-95% to 5-15% tops. YAY! Lots and lots of vivid adventure dreams, and not really any unusual food cravings, but still have a pretty strong aversion to coffee (sad face).

This was a full, fun weekend! It was Jocelyn's 3rd birthday party, and we had so much fun with over 50 guests (parents and kiddos) showing up to celebrate with her in the park. We made some vegan oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and had mini pumpkin pie tarts for the birthday song, along with organic berries and veggies hummus pretzels juice boxes and tiny water bottles. The face painter was a hit (as usual - I think all of us parents in Jocelyn's friend circle keep her hired all through Sept and Oct with all of these birthdays haha :) ). It was a long fun day, Joss had a blast running around with all her friends while I got to chat with the grown ups which was also fun for me and Jason.

We had another birthday party yesterday, and I was got to hold a friend's baby while there, and Joss really was so sweet and loved seeing a baby in my lap. I think reading all of the baby books, I'm a Big Sister books help to ease her into the idea of no longer being the only child, and welcome the idea of another baby. I was impressed, and after the baby got a bit fussy and needed his mom again, Joss then put a baby doll in my arms and said here, "You need to keep holding a baby, right here." She's already such a great loving big sister.

Today we have her 3 year check up at the pediatrician's office. I get to pick her up a little earlier than usual at school, and take her in to get height, weight, and all her usual healthy girl check up stats. Looking forward to seeing where she is on the percentile scales, vegan strong! :)

Everyone back in California is reporting back that they are in the fall weather now, with lots of rain and I'm just sitting here in Texas still in shorts and short sleeved, thin-fabric t-shirts, waiting for it to cool down. Still in the upper 80s/90s and ready for some rain and cool weather. Makes me really miss the redwoods and the comfy, cozy, sleepy town that I grew up in this time of year, and watching the ocean waves turn grey with the fog and stormy weather. My heart I think is always in Mendocino...

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