Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Gestational Diabetes Glucose Test Day

This morning I went into the birth center to take three blood draws, after 13 hours of fasting (didn't eat since dinner the night before), and drinking a sickeningly sweet red glucose drink. Jocelyn stayed home from school today since she woke up with an upset stomach (no fever, but couldn't take her to school), and so she came with me. We brought some books and she was great waiting there with me for 2+ hours. There was a sweet little baby that was there in the waiting room with us for a while and Joss had a lot of fun getting to know him and his mama for a while before they went back for their appointment. Also Amber from my centering group was there for her glucose test too, so we were able to chat and pass the time together without counting the minutes and seconds to when we could finally eat again. This test was my least favorite part last time around, and the same goes for this time around. But I did it! And afterwards I took Joss with me to eat at Taco Deli (an early lunch, late breakfast -second breakfast for her) for tacos.

We now wait 2-3 days to hear back if I passed or not. Last time it was a close call, I did the one hour, then had to go back and do the 3 hour, and it was horrible doing it twice and all the fasting. The fasting part is the worst, especially as a vegan pregnant mama, I eat at least every hour. This morning with an empty stomach I was feeling queasy again, after finally getting over the morning sickness part... and then drinking the sugar drink felt even more nauseated, but ugh, I got through it. I really hope that I pass. If I don't, I will take it as it comes and do what I can to stay healthy, and keep baby safe, and ensure that I can continue to birth at the birth center. Fingers crossed.... I should find out by end of the week.


  1. Because Marci was such a large baby, when I was pregnant with Alex they had me go through that same test even though I told them that large babies run in both sides of my family. The fasting, the sickening sweet syrup, gag! Afterwards they told me I was okay but marginal I think to make me feel that I didn't do it for nothing. It made me so sick that time so when I was pregnant with you and they wanted me to do it again I said no. They said they would just watch me, and of course, being late in pregnancy I was getting checked all the time anyway and so skipped the test with you and we were fine! So try not to worry!

    1. Thanks Mom! I passed! Woo hoo! The fasting part is the worst, the syrup doesn't help. That's great that you could skip the test for me, unfortunately with Texas state laws, birthing at a birth center (non hospital setting) there are a lot of things that are required to ensure that all of the births are low risk in that environment. Whatever I can opt out of (the second HIV test, and the after birth options - putting that gunk in the babies eyes to prevent STD) I opt out. Just glad this required one is now done and I can move forward happily! The biggest worry for me was that they say if you are diagnosed, you can work with diet and physical activity to curb it... though as an active vegan that is already pretty limiting... Not sure what I would need to do at that point (expensive medications, which could perhaps disqualify me from the birth center birth). Luckily I don't need to find out!