Thursday, November 10, 2016

Centering Group, Session 4, February 2017 Babies

I have so many emotions running through me in regards to the election results, that I need to focus on positives right now. It's a hellova time to not be drinking, but yoga, crystal healing, and essential oils have been vital. And lots of baby kicks in my tummy, and cuddles with my big 3 year old, and puppy dog company and my cats snuggling up on my lap. We had rain finally come to Austin, my house is decorated with twinkly christmas lights on our tree, garlands, and my childhood ornaments up on the tree fill me and our house with warm, loving nostalgia. Its a hard time, its a scary time, but there is always something to be grateful for. Always something to hold dear and close and see the good.

Earlier this week, we had our 4th Session of Centering, we have quite a big group of moms this time around, which is such a wonderful contrast to last time I did centering and there were only 5 of us. I'm glad that I'm doing it again, and I'm glad that its a new experience for me with a bigger group. We all noticed how fun its been to meet once a month, and see how much all of our bellies have grown, and Annie suggested we take belly pics together each time we meet to see the changes, as we are all going through our pregnancies together. We all loved this idea, so here we are!

There was one mom that wasn't here with us to join the picture, so I think that makes 12 of us total (which is the max capacity for centering groups). I already am feeling like I'm starting to build some strong relationships with some of these mamas. 2 of the 5 moms from my first centering I am still in touch with from Jocelyn's birth centering group, and to have these friendships starting for baby Jackson's group fills me with a lot of love and joy. We're here to support each other! And my goodness seeing all of our babies together after we all give birth and can tell each other our birth stories, it so powerful and beautiful. Grateful for my birth center community! <3 <3

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