Tuesday, November 22, 2016

27/28 weeks and counting...

27 weeks now (28 depending on which due date I go with), and Jackson is getting more and more active and now has a set routine that I'm familiar with. He likes to be awake and especially lively in the mornings after I drop Joss at school and sit and drink my tea and color or work on my quilt, around lunch time (which reminds me to make myself something to eat), after dinner, and when I lay down in bed to go to sleep, and for the last couple weeks 3-3:30am every night - so much that he wakes me up and I can't get back to sleep until 4 or 4:30 because I love feeling so close with him and picturing his sweet little being so innocent and loved rolling around in my belly.

There is so much madness going on in the world right now, its a pretty intense time to be pregnant, but I am focusing as much of my energy as possible inward to grow all the love and health inside me as I can muster. I really hope that my children's futures are brighter than things seem to be right now. Filling up my body and home with love and light, and giving as much kindness to everyone I interact with, every damn day. My heart aches for this country, and I can only continue to hope and love and stand strong for what I believe in, and the future that I believe in for my kids. All I can say is its been a hellova time to not be drinking... From surviving the non-stop visits with in-laws and family during fourth of July for three weeks I was in California (with constant chronic nausea), through the debates (continued nausea), and election results (actually throwing up), and now all of the holidays... On the bright side we are saving a lot of money without all that extra booze... right? And I'm bringing my A game to all the holiday cheer this year, my home is full of peace and joy and that's all I can do to stay sane right now.

For Thanksgiving, we honor a day of Mourning for the Native American lives lost with a moment of silence, and continue our vegan tradition to not put any suffering on our table. This year with me not working, and Joss being in school I am getting as much done as I can before Thursday, which even though I'm really slowing down in my third trimester, I am able to get it all together on my own like I always do. Yesterday I did the majority of the shopping (and had to go to two different whole foods because the first one - the bigger one- was OUT of tofurkey! Which is awesome, yay all the meat-free folks!). I made my chocolate mousse, and cranberry sauce, which are chilling in our fridge until Thursday. I'm also going to be making the tofurkey I picked up, and vegan enchiladas (mushroom, spinach and fake chicken ones for Jason, and 2 bean, veggie, and vegan cheese ones for me - the sauce is too spicy for joss but she'll have plenty else to eat), corn bread, vegan stuffing, mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes, macaroons, and organic green salad with my homemade vinaigrette. When I was at whole foods they were also selling pre-made 1/2 pumpkin pies, so I picked up a vegan one, and some vegan coconut whipped cream, and some of Jason's favorite oatmeal stout beer. Its going to be a feast! I'll make a few things before, and cook the tofurkey and mashed potatoes on the day of, and the rest I'll prepare today or tomorrow with Joss when she's home from school.

Our neighbors Rima and Ajit, are currently having their kitchen remodeled this week while she is off work (she's a Montessori teacher and they are closed this week), so I am going to invite them over to have Thanksgiving with us if they don't have any plans. I know her daughter also lives in town, but either way I want to be sure they are welcome here if want to join us. Or if they need to use our oven, I'll offer it to them, they are both vegetarian - Ajit is vegan, so I'm sure they will love our food either way and not bring any dead animals to cook if they need our oven.

Jackson is kicking! It makes me so happy to feel his movements, and imagine how sweet those first moments together will be. Truly magical. I've had more and more Braxton Hicks, more than I remembered having with Joss, but maybe I'm just much more aware of how it all feels this time around and more hyper sensitive. My next check up is first week of December with my centering group. I'm looking forward to it. Jason will be there again with us since we will continue to discuss labor. Well, time now to enjoy the company of my animals in my quiet house, finish my green smoothie and work on my quilting project while I watch Gilmore Girls again in preparation of the 4-part special coming to Netflix this Friday! Missing my mom, wish she was here to watch with me. Looking forward to having her here with us soon starting in February.

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