Monday, November 7, 2016

25 weeks

So hard to believe I've already heading into my third trimester. This pregnancy, I can't say enough times, is going by so much faster! This weekend I decided that we would start putting together christmas. With all the stress and election madness, I needed some magic and warmth, and cozy lovely energy. So we did it! We put up our new tree. We bought a new one this year to better fill our house (our old fake tree we had for about 7 years was a small table-top one that I sold at our yard sale last spring). Jocelyn and I had a lot of fun opening all of the boxes that my mom sent back with us to Texas of ornaments from my childhood. Unwrapping each one from the tissue paper was so much fun for Jocelyn, and brought us a lot of fun magical moments. Yes its still beginning of November, but considering how fast time keeps flying by, and how much energy I still have I figured better now, than trying to do it all when I'm much more pregnant.

Today I put up pre-lit garlands, and lit up our live-tree that lives in our house full-time. I also think that this year I will buy some tree scraps to hang around our windows to add the yummy christmas smell (and easier to carry/put up / dispose of than an actual huge live tree). I'm waiting until December to put up our stockings but the lights in our house make it feel so happy. I love it.

Today Jocelyn also starts her transition to the Cardinals classroom (3-6 year olds). We've been talking about it since I had the teacher's conference last week and was able to observe the work in the classroom. This morning when she came in and woke me up (I was already awake but laying in bed), she said, "Mama, I'm not big yet, I don't want to be a Cardinal. I'm not that big yet. I don't want to go." I invited her up on my bed and held her for a while. This transition is a big step, and I told her that it would be a slow transition, today just a visit for an hour or so, and she can just pop in to say hi to the friends in there she already knows (like Allie, Ivy, and Able). Its so hard growing up, and I know that there are so many changes happening, and with Jackson arriving in just a few months, there's a lot for Jocelyn to process, take in, and experience. Today at drop off, she seemed to be a bit more excited to check it out in her new big-kids classroom, and I reassured her that we can talk about it all when I pick her up this afternoon after nap. I'm so proud of her.

Jackson, is kicking more and more, and really moving around a lot. Jason and Jocelyn have now both been able to really feel him, as he's now much bigger and has bigger movements. I've also been re-inspired to try and get some more work done on Jocelyn's quilt today. Maybe I will end up making two quilts one for Joss and one for Jax. Depends on how much fabric I have.

This weekend Jackson also received a package from our dear friends in California the Moreland/Hinkle family! Gwyn's sweet little boy Henry was so nice to meet when we were visiting Mendocino this past July, and Jocelyn talked about meeting their horse Sunny for months afterwards. Gwyneth sent us all of the warm-weather clothes that Henry didn't get much of a chance to wear in foggy Mendoland, plus an honest company diaper cake! The cute ones with little anchors on them. So so thoughtful and sweet! What a beautiful, wonderful surprise.

Also, in getting all of our Xmas stuff out and up in the house, I got out all of the cloth diapers that I had stored in our guest room closest, and am going to start to get some kind of organization started for Jax's diaper table (currently being used in Jocelyn's room for her clothes - so we need to get her a new chest of drawers). I feel like I was much more organized and prepared before Joss arrived, but in all honesty, I really only needed diapers and a breast-feeding pillow - both of which we already have. Plus all of the wonderful baby clothes that we've already received from our friends.

Hoping to have a celebratory tomorrow after election results, holding out hope for Hillary... ready to stop stressing about it all. In the meantime, I quilt!

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