Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Third trimester pregnant life is haaaaard! Hard to breathe, hard to walk (waddle), hard to sleep, hard to stay centered and calm, hard to have patience, hard to get up after you sit down. Haha, its really incredible that so many working moms are still giving it their all at this point, 50 hour work weeks, all day 5 days a week up and about. I did that with Joss, and honestly, now that I'm home I have no idea how I pulled it off. You just have to do what you have to do, and its amazing what our bodies and minds are capable of. This time around managing our house, doing all the cooking, cleaning, laundry, taking our cars in to get serviced, taxes, finances, bills, packing lunches for school and leftovers for Jason's lunch, taking care of our animals, its a lot on its own. And last time I did this while also working 50 hours a week, with an hour commute each way. Mom powers are strong, and so much love out to the working pregnant moms still going strong into this last third of pregnancy.

This week I start my weekly exams, I go in on Thursday. So far no signs of early labor which is great! Mom flies in a week from Friday, so baby seems to understand that he has to hold out at least until then. So far he's playing along, good boy Jax! We pretty much have everything we need for his arrival, I've been working this last week on super-nesting mode getting our room situated to welcome him, and re-vamping Jocelyn's room to give her more space in there, and separate out the baby toys/books from her big-girl toys/books. Also been doing a lot of goodwill donations clearing out clothes that joss has outgrown that we won't keep for Jackson, and straightening up our guest room for Grandma Jill's arrival. We still need a few pieces of furniture for the baby, but otherwise all ready for Jax to arrive and share mom and dad's room for the first year or so.

We got a great deal for a 4-in-one carseat at Costco for him, that will grow with him (10 years), like the one Joss has, but its Graco instead of Diono. We just need to put that in the Subaru and we are ready to go. This is better than converting Joss's Diono back for a newborn, and moving the seat out of Dad's truck, because now Joss can go with Papa if needed, or he can pick her up from school/drop her off, and I can have my car if I need to take Jax to the Dr. or have other plans. Eventually we might get a fourth for Dad's truck, so we are both equipped to take both, but for now its just fine.

This weekend, I didn't attend the women's march in Austin physically, but I was there in spirit. The idea of putting myself in a large crowd, with horrible parking, and chasing Joss seemed like a recipe for potential unplanned birth of my son in front of the capital. Which the idea of giving birth at a women's march, is a badass way to introduce my son to feminism, surrounded by strong women, but I didn't want to take my chances, and am still hoping for the private, serene water birth like his sister had. I did however go to yoga which felt so great to stretch and strengthen. Since our previous teacher has been on maternity leave, we have had a rotation of other yoga teachers come lead our class and I've really enjoyed the variety and different styles each week. After yoga, I went to the AABC clothing swap and picked up a bunch of items that we had been needing, including some more cloth diaper covers, postpartum care supplies, children's books, a bumbo seat, some receiving blankets, and maternity clothes. I love these swaps, so happy that they are still going on, and its really nice to not organize, but just show up and leave/take a bunch of stuff. Oh! and we also got a play mat for Jax too that Joss picked out. We're set!

Time for me to head over to subaru now, to fix our check engine light that keeps popping on and off. Then I'm going to organize Jackson's cloth diapers, because that sounds like a lot of fun to me. HAHA super-nesting mode is a go! people! over and out.

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