Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Baby Shower/Birthday Party, Center Session #9, 35 Weeks

Hard to believe I am already at the point in my pregnancy and centering, where I have scheduled my weekly individual appointments! I had my 9th centering session yesterday (of 10), and we forgot to take a group shot, but excitingly two of our moms have already delivered! *Jenny and Annie, the two ladies in the front row of last Session #8's photo). Both complication-free, natural birth center births. Congrats mamas! They were in our February group, but both had January due dates. Annie said she is going to join us with her new little one for our final centering meeting, and I hope that Jenny also does. We are getting closer y'all!

Session 9 was all about breast feeding, and "the magic hour" after birth, and importance of skin to skin with mama and baby. My belly check was all good, and growth right on track - fundal height, my weight and blood pressure, all good. After centering I headed down with the midwife to get a quick ultrasound and check position of baby, and he's head down doing what he should be doing for a complication-free delivery. Way to go Jax! I got to see his head, heart, spine, and his pulsing umbilical cord, and my vegan placenta making it all happen. So magical to see him in there even in the grainy, black and white, pictures. He didn't want to show his face, but he will soon enough. I took a video to share with Joss, and Jason.

Next week I go in for a full check-up at week 36, full term! Then the following week is our last centering. A few days later my mom flies out, so I'm feeling good, and no signs of an early delivery, but hoping he holds out until at least after my mom's here, or later. Will be a lot of help with Joss when time does come to head to the birth tub.

We had a few friends over this weekend to celebrate my birthday and baby Jackson and it was a lot of fun! We played a few baby shower type games, and I bought a bunch of little succulents to hand out as party favors. My favorite florist gives me a free bouquet of a dozen roses every year for my birthday, and when I went to pick them up they had a half-off sale on all plants, and so I scooped up a bunch of really cute ones to give to our guests. It was a great group of people, we decorated a bunch of onesies, and a bunch of kids were there too to run around and play with Joss. She had a blast. We only remembered to take a couple pictures of our cakes, but Joss's kid's camera was a big hit with the kids so they ran around taking some party photos, which turned out pretty good for a 3 year old and her friends running around at full speed.

It was a lot of work to set up and host our party, but that's how I like to do it, and it was a lot of fun to have everyone over. I have to admit though my feet were pretty tired by the end of the night. Luckily, my wonderful husband helped out a LOT and he also had given me a gift certificate for xmas/my birthday at Spa Reveil for a full on prenatal treatment package that included prenatal massage (my first one, it was heaven!), a facial (my skin feels awesome), mani and pedi. I was there all day on Monday, the day after the party, and took advantage of their Hammam (Turkish steam room) before treatments. Now my toes and fingernails are pretty and bright red, my body is less achy and my skin is glowing even without much sleep.

Its been cold and rainy the last couple of days which I absolutely love. Who knows how long it will last, so I'm enjoying it while its here. My mom arrives in 16 days, so Jackson you hear that? Stay comfy cozy in the cubby wubby womb room for at least another 2 weeks and 3 days. If he's like Joss he will stay there longer than 40 weeks, but we'll see when he's ready. I sure am getting big!

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