Monday, August 29, 2016

The Adventure Continues

My second pregnancy. Everything seems to be speeding along with the second one, I am now at 15 weeks and this is my first entry on my journey into a new unknown motherhood, a motherhood of having multiple children. My belly seems to have grown much quicker this time, my muscles and internal organs already knowing where to go, what to do to make room inside... My nausea continues, but hopefully stops soon - I am eating as much protein as possible this time to avoid sickness, which includes nuts, seeds, vegan protein shakes, hemp powder, tofu, kale, moringa, tempeh, beans, and more beans.

My daughter is now just shy of 3 years old and every day she amazes me. I think to myself, "This was my baby, this was the life that grew inside me, kicking my intestines when I ate spicy food, and laughing for the first time when daddy was cooking and hit the side of the pan with a wooden spoon." And now she is a tall, strong, independent, courageous, hilarious, kind, and willful little girl with long wild curly hair. There are moments when I look at her, towering over her preschool classmates with more hair than most of them combined, and I can't believe she is still only 2 years old. She looks like she could pass for 4 or 5, and regularly does when we are out in public- with her full sentences, manners & etiquette, insightful reflections, and confident perseverance. A lot of which I give credit to her Montessori school, but also its who she is. So much of her personality is her own, the jokes she tells (which are hilarious - two favorites are the one about the stinky watermelon, and molly - our cat's tail).

Soon she will be a big sister, and not the only child under our roof. We talk a lot about the baby in my tummy, and she hugs my belly and tells the baby how much she loves "her" (we won't know gender for a few more weeks), and to remember not to pull the cats' tails! So much of my life has been wonderfully consumed in being Jocelyn's mom, and now I am learning how to return to my self, my body, and looking inward to grow new life, and become a mother again to our new little Valentine due February 2017.

I am still 100% vegan, my daughter is and has been 100% vegan, and our new baby will be as well. Through out all of our wellness checkups, my daughter has been upper 90 and 100% for weight, height, and head size, flourishing and being nourished with a plant-strong diet. She loves her veggies, beans, grains, nuts, fruits, tofu, and daily green smoothies. With proper nutrition children, people of all ages can thrive with the vegan lifestyle.

We have continued to not post any photos of our daughter online, and also choose not to post any photos of baby #2. Some friends and family understand, and some still think we're strange but we're okay with that. Overall, I'm hoping that our children will appreciate our choice later and have their autonomy to what images they can curate online for their internet personas.

In the meantime, I am continuing to practice prenatal yoga, and will attend my first centering class at our birth center in the next couple weeks for my prenatal care. This time around I am a stay at home mom, and with Joss in preschool I have time to focus again inward, and take care of my body and my baby. Soon Jocelyn will turn 3 and then I have a baby shower to plan again, Christmas, and soon there after February will bring our new bundle. Time sure ticks by, and I'm trying to enjoy every moment as it comes.

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