Monday, November 25, 2013

Baby Shower Guessing Game Winners!

When my mom was here I was showing her stuff from our baby shower and she found all of our guest's guesses on birth times, weights, and heights! I have been meaning to post the winners, and runner up, but... well... I've had some more important things on my agenda like snuggling, nursing, changing, and playing with the lil pumpkin. So! Without further ado, congratulations to MIKE! and to JODY! They were both the closest on one of their guesses and pretty close on their other two:

Here were her actual stats:
Weight: 9lbs 9oz
Height 23 inches
Time: 7:26am

Closest Weight: 9lbs 6 oz
Height: 20 inches
Time: 10:02am

Weight: 8lbs 1 oz
Closest height: 22 inches
Time: 6am

And runner up for closest on one of the guesses:

Weight: 7lbs 4oz
Height: 19 3/4 inches
Closest time: 7:45am

Jocelyn is now six weeks old (as of last Saturday), and when we went into the birth center for our final post-natal check up (last Wed) she weighed in at 12 lbs and 3 ounces! She is a healthy, growing, happy baby, and I am also all perfectly healed up and given the green light to once again go about my usual activities, exercise etc. I haven't gone to postnatal yoga yet, I'm not sure if papa is ready to have her for a whole hour by himself- its a challenge enough for him to take her while I jump in the shower once a week for 20 minutes. Haha, we're figuring things out and will get there eventually. I might need to pump and leave a bottle for him once I finally get it together to go to yoga, just in case. I really miss it! And my body is still working on getting back into my regular clothes, but I'm not putting too much pressure on myself and am okay with that. I've been walking with her in my baby bjorn around our neighborhood quite a bit, and also at our appointment was told its okay to put her in her stroller, so we had our first stroll this last weekend too. No running with the stroller yet (not until she can hold her head up completely), but I really enjoy strolling her around our neighborhood. Its been rainy and cold the last couple days though, so we'll have to wait for things to clear up again.

I also wanted to post that I went to one Baby Love class at the Birth center while my mom was still here and Jocelyn was 2 1/2 weeks old. It was really great to go and learn baby massage with some other moms and cute babies. Jocelyn had two diaper changes and nursed before the hour was up, but that's pretty normal for such a young baby. She didn't fuss though, which was awesome. She's a pretty mellow baby most of the time anyway so I wasn't worried about that. We haven't been back yet, but I'm hoping to get more active in attending and hopefully meet some more mamas to build our community of friends with lil ones. It takes a little bit more "get up and go!" for me to get out of the house on my own with her, but I'll get there. I really liked the class, and I think she liked it too.

This whole journey and experience of motherhood has been so rewarding, challenges and all. Its amazing to see how far we've come and how much further we have to go as parents (first steps, grade school through college and beyond). At our six week appointment I told the midwife how fast these first weeks had gone by, and she told me, "They say the first 18 years are like that." I'm trying to soak up each and every moment. Take lost of photos, give lots of kisses and cuddles, and enjoy the whole experience in the present moment - even the fussy times, the sleeplessness, and my new fragrance and hair product (baby barf). Treasuring it all, and trying to be as patient and present as I can be for her.

That being said, I no longer have time to write as much as I used to, but I do have plans to get my vegan blog back up and running and include posts on vegan parenting. Who knows when I will be able to get it together to start it up again, but here's the link... stay tuned:

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