Tuesday, August 30, 2016

15 Week Checkup

I went in for my 15 week check up at the birth center, and it was such a great surprise to see today's midwife on rotation, was Samantha. She helped with my care last time and I really like her energy, humor and expertise. She even remembered details from my birth story - which was 3 years ago (almost), which impressed me but what she said stuck in her mind was that it was such an impressive first birth - a big baby, 9 lbs 9 oz, a water delivery all natural, and Cat (student midwife, and my yoga teacher caught her) with no complications. Plus the 3 lbs placenta. Anyway, its really nice to have that familiarity, I feel like the birth center is a space created for moms that can feel like its a second home.

We talked about how I was feeling, and for the most part I'm not as exhausted as I was the first trimester, still some nausea, but drinking a protein shake with dinner has helped, and just constantly eating and snacking (which is exhausting to keep up with, but I pay later with vomit if I don't keep it up). We talked about how I was feeling emotionally, and in talking with her I realized, that I'm probably the happiest I've been in the last decade - I can't remember the last time I had time to myself to recharge and nourish my creativity, my space and alone time, read, write, practice my arts and nap. It feels amazing, and I also told her how I'm trying not to feel guilty about that. To just enjoy this time while it lasts, because when baby comes, as I know everything again will change.

Baby's heartbeat was ticking along enthusiastically, and we could hear movement too - so far this baby seems to be a very active little sprout. I still don't have any intuition whether we're having a boy or girl, but we have 4-5 more weeks before we schedule the ultrasound to find out. I'll keep Joss out of school and have Jason there with us too. We're all really looking forward to it.

My blood work all came back perfect, and my iron levels were not only beyond average and good, but they were excellent. Fuck yeah, vegan! No anemia here with this plant strong mama. All-in-all a great check up and in a couple weeks I start centering and get to meet the other parents who will be having babies in February. Already getting excited for that reunion picture of all our little ones lined up on the couch, after all of us moms are on the other side of the pregnancy tunnel and know the details of how our birth stories went. It goes by so damn fast. I need to remember to slow down, and enjoy the here and now.

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