Wednesday, February 1, 2017

18 days and counting...

Mom arrives in 2 days! Woo hoo! So excited. My last centering session was yesterday, and it was so great to have BOTH Jenny and Annie bring their babies to see everyone and tell us their birth stories. So powerful, and beautiful, woman-supported, natural birth center births make my heart sing. So much strength and love, and gentle caring for mom and baby. Jenny also brought a big bag of postpartum supplies that she didn't end up using to give to the group, and not many people wanted to take anything, so I ended up taking a bunch of supplies home that I'm sure I will use (Sitz bath sachets, bed liner pads, some witch hazel pads, postpartum healing spray, and I think a couple other items were in there). Yay free stuff, and mom community! I'm so looking forward to our reunion when all of us have had our babies and we can line them all up together on the couch for their cute pictures. This time around since its a bigger group than the first time I did centering, we don't set the date ahead of time, but we wait until the last baby is born, then schedule a couple weeks out. I really hope we all stay connected and continue to get together with our babies. So much love out to all the upcoming birth stories to the February mamas!

So far aside from just being big and hard to sleep comfortably, I feel pretty great in my body. This pregnancy overall I think has been easier than my first. No real food aversions (unlike EVERYTHING with Joss, including white rice and sautéed onions), morning sickness only lasted the first 3 months (rather than 8 like with Joss), and even though I've cut back to only getting in for yoga once a week on the weekends, I have little to no back pains (unlike with Joss when I needed that 3x a week dose of yoga to stay comfortable). Its amazing the difference it makes when I am home, versus working 50 hour work weeks in a job I really didn't like up to my due date. I think that must have a lot to do with it. Yes, there is still the stress of the life of being a mom to a 'threenager,' and taking care of the house and cooking, but its what I love to do, and I have more support and finally a community that I can call my own who is living the family life as well this time around. So it feels good, and I'm less stressed. Less isolated and ultimately I think Joss makes things easier. Not to overlook how incredible of a partner Jason continues to be, he's taken on the role of provider with a lot of pride and strength, and I'm so so grateful. Having Joss though, I think brings me the light that is at the end of the birth tunnel, reminding me of all the joys to come, even through tears and tantrums, that this is what its all about - FAMILY. You don't really know how much your world will change as a first time mom, until it does... and I still don't know how much my world will change as a second time mom, but I feel like having Joss here to share my pregnancy with makes everything feel better.

February 1st! Rabbit, Rabbit, here's to hoping for a less chaotic month, and more love and compassion to come. Making concerted efforts to ensure that there is an abundance of love in my home, and my communities, brining peace to my world and those within it. I feel like for the sake of my mental health, and for the love of my son, I need to delete facebook from my phone, and only login when I'm at my laptop. There is so much in my feed that constantly wears me down, and though I feel its my civic duty as an American to stay informed - especially now, I need to draw a line, and remind myself that I can watch the news, and read online at my computer -  not 24/7 on my phone... at the very least, for these next few weeks when I need to concentrate on baby, and baby's new life. I also realize that makes me privileged, to be able to unplug, and I actively acknowledge, and continue to learn how to acknowledge my privilege daily. Last night was the first meeting of a new bookclub that was put together by a woman I contacted through my birth center community. We collectively chose to read, Between the World and Me, which was a hard read, but an important one that I recommend everyone read. Our discussion was difficult, but important, and I'm really glad to have these new women in my life to read together and have sometimes hard, and sometimes escapist (our next book will be fiction) discussions with- particularly during these times of political uncertainty.

My other bookclub meets this weekend, and will be at my daughter's school lead by the Montessori School's Director, Lisa. I've enjoyed being a part of the bookclub with Lisa since Joss started going to school there, and am happy to have the community of parents that attend to discuss parenting together.

In the meantime, I have all of the ingredients prepared to start assembling our post-birth burrito factory. Homemade black beans, and Jason's homemade Spanish rice, tortillas and vegan cheese. Just need to assemble, wrap in foil, and freeze. I took the car in for the re-inspection, and renewed registration, so that is all good, just waiting for the sticker to come in the mail now in a week or so. I've been doing a lot of running around this week, so today I'm going to try and just relax and Netflix and chill as much as possible, fold some laundry, do some dishes, and hang with my animals. I also started watching the Netflix Documentary series, Making a Murderer, since I've been on a documentary kick lately, and after watching episode 1, I'm looking forward to episode 2.

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