Thursday, October 10, 2013

Breathing and Laughing

40 weeks and 6 days today. I'm going back in with Jason for another checkup this morning to see what kind of progress my body's made since Monday's visit. I've been feeling some more sensations that are cluing me into my body preparing to go into labor, but no laboring yet. Most of the people I trust know what they're talking about at this point have told me to just relax, and stop thinking about it, and things will happen. Also that due dates are not a science, but an estimation, and all our bodies work and move at difference paces and cycles. So I'm really making an effort to be as lazy as possible, and just give in to doing "nothing" (this is hard for me, but I'm reminding myself that when I do "nothing" my body is actually still doing a lot, and so I need to give my body that chance and energy to do its thing). I also think that keeping a sense of humor right now is also really important. I think actually a sense of humor all the time is important. Haha, life is funny even through its more challenging moments, and it will surely be a lot funnier with our new little one.

Jason's been giving me head massages (my favorite way to relax when we watch tv together), I've been going for daily walks around our neighborhood and trying to nap a few times a day. Getting some more cleaning in that I can. Baking treats for post labor, and took a long bath last night and laughed how I barely any of me fits in the tub (less than half of me submerged). It was still relaxing though, and trying to pamper my body as much as I can. I've been soaking in all the cuddles from my dogs too who aren't used to me being home during the work day, and having fun watching our crazy cats fly up and down our carpeted stairs after each other while the dogs are sleeping which is pretty hilarious. I'm so thankful to be where I am right now, with my family, and my home, and my health, and trust in my body and nature to know when the time is right to do her thing. Breathing, and laughing as much as possible in the meantime.

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  1. You are amazing, Tyler. Your calm, healthy mindset will carry you through this! Perhaps Jocelyn wants to share a birthday with Willa - October 12th :) Sending you so much love and healthy, happy, strong, birthy thoughts. xox Keren